A results oriented entrepreneur, specialized in building high caliber, scalable and repeatable business operations; Puneet is responsible for overall Global Operations, Business Development, and organizational growth strategy. Puneet is also an industry pioneer with over 20 years of expertise in the area of Contact Center Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as well as Operations and Transformation in the Multi-Sector Business Services Environment.


As a serial entrepreneur, Puneet has been involved in multiple M&A transactions over the years. Puneet recently successfully divested from Innovative Vision, a BPO organization, which he founded and led for 15 years. He now leads Aptitude 360 Inc. with a wealth of expertise in Business Development, Management, Customer Care, Operations, Human Resources and Client Services. Puneet leverages his history of working in the corporate world as a foundation to drive Business Start-Ups, Strategic/Business Plan Creation, Execution, P&L, C-Suite Client and Vendor Management, Organizational and Business Process Redesign with verifiable productivity gains and broad international business transformation experience with high cultural adaptability.


Puneet is the visionary responsible for Operations, Business Development, and Growth Strategy of his many ventures. He has been recognized by Profit magazine/Canadian Business for six years as the leader of one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. One of his crowning achievements was to spearhead an organization with annual revenue of over $15M..